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We are seeking for professionals who desire to serve the Lord in our expanding educational institution for the following positions for 2014 / 2015 Academic Year:


  • Kindergarten Teacher & Assistant / Location: East & West Campus
  • English Teacher / Location: East & West Campus
  • Elementary Class Teacher / Location: West Campus
  • Art Teacher / Location: West Campus
  • SENIOR SCHOOL TEACHER - 2015/2016 Academic Year / Location: East & West Campus

* Math - Physics - Chemistry - Biology - History - Social - Sport

Specific Requirements:

  • English Teacher = EXPATRIATES are welcome to apply
  • Bachelor degree or higher from relevant background & English proficiency
  • KG Assistant = minimum SMA or Diploma
  • Teaching experience will be beneficial


  • Admin Staff – Location: East Campus
  • Maintenance and GA staff - Location: East Campus
  • HRD staff - Location: East Campus

Specific Requirements:

  • Admin = Diploma or higher degree & English proficiency
  • HRD = Bachelor degree in Psychology

GENERAL REQUIREMENTS for both Academic & Non Academic Staffs:

  • Working experiences in similar field will be beneficial
  • Highly motivated and able to work under minimum supervision
  • Able to get along well with people regardless of their ethnicity, religion & social status
  • Honest, teamwork, good communication skills, open minded, resourceful, energetic & supporting the school vision of Character, Faith and Wisdom

Send your application, current CV (please include your email address), photo, transcripts and diploma, copy of ID card and other supporting documents to:

HRD Coordinator
Jl. Kejawan Putih Barat 28-30, Pakuwon City - Laguna, Surabaya 60112
or email to:
hrd _coordinator@bchati.sch.id